Student Services

Adult Student Welcome

Adult Student Services offers an orientation for the adult student each fall and spring semester.

Academic Advisement

One-on-one advisement services offered by our professional staff. University departments also offer program specific advisement services.


The Office of Adult Student Services administers a scholarship designed specifically for adult students. The University also offers many scholarships for the nontraditional student.

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Become a member of this honor society for nontraditional students. This national honor society is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of scholarship and to the recognition of nontraditional students continuing their higher education.

Child Care Options

As a Missouri State University part-time or full-time student, you will have access to several child care options – ideal for families with young children.

Placement Testing

If a student feels capable of doing more advanced work, they may take a placement test to determine their starting level in each subject. Adult Student Services offers testing in Math and English only.  Please call 417-836-4126 to schedule your placement test.

On-Site Visits

Receive our advisement services and assistance with your registration right at your place of business. To schedule an on-site visit to your company, please call 417-836-4126.