Getting Admitted

If you are ready to come back to school, we would like to invite you to visit our office. We will assist you through the admissions process and provide you with information to help ease your transition to university life. Select the option that best fits you below:


I want to get a degree

■        Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Admission

Students (married or with children or 22 years of age and older) wishing to seek an undergraduate degree at Missouri State University (freshmen, transfer students, second-Bachelor’s-seeking, for instance) must complete the application process for admission.

Students in this category who are 22 years of age and older, and have not attended another college or university, need only provide an official high school transcript or GED. An ACT or SAT score is not required for admission.

Students that have attended other colleges or universities will need to submit official transcripts for any and all institutions attended to be considered for admission. If the student has less than 24 transferable credit hours, they will also need to submit their official high school transcript. Submit the application (with the application fee) to the Office of Admissions.

I do not want to get a degree

■        Nondegree-Seeking Undergraduate Admission

Students who are 18 years of age or older and who wish to take courses but do not plan on pursuing a degree program may be admitted as nondegree undergraduates and do not need to provide transcripts. Students in this classification are not eligible for financial aid. Should the student later decide to seek a degree program they must still meet the requirements for regular admission as either a freshman or a transfer student. Coursework taken as a nondegree-seeking student might not always be applicable towards a degree program. Students that choose to change to degree-seeking status should consult with an academic advisor.

Students visiting Missouri State University for a semester but pursuing bachelor’s degrees at other institutions of higher education are admitted under this ND classification

Students not seeking a degree must either complete the online application or fill out and fax in the Course Enrollment form.


I want to get a degree

■        Degree-Seeking Graduate Admission

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree at Missouri State University must complete the application process for admission.

I do not want to get a degree

■        Postbaccalaureate Admission (PB) (nondegree-seeking graduate)

Students who have a bachelor’s degree and wish to return to take additional courses, but do not wish to pursue an additional degree, may enroll as PB students without providing transcripts. PB students may take either undergraduate or graduate courses (courses number 600 and higher automatically carry graduate credit for students in the PB classification) the only limitation is that no more than nine hours of graduate credit may be accumulated under this classification. A maximum of nine hours of graduate credit earned as a PB student can be applied toward a graduate degree at Missouri State University, and this application of credit is contingent upon program requirements.

Students not seeking a degree must either complete the online application or fill out and fax in the Course Enrollment form

MSU 62 - Senior Citizens Fee Waiver Program

Adults who are 62 years of age or older are eligible to register for one class per semester and have the required student fees waived. However, the student must pay special course fees, required textbooks and supplies, and parking fees. Classes may be taken for credit or on an audit basis. Students in this program are admitted as non-degree-seeking students. » more information


Before you may register you must obtain your advisor release if you are a:

  • degree-seeking undergraduate with fewer than 75 hours
  • graduate degree-seeking student
  • first-time transfer student
  • student on probation

For classes requiring prerequisite or permission or for restricted-level classes, you must contact the academic department (or in some cases, the instructor) and request approval in order to be able to register into that particular class.

The Registration Services staff are here to assist you. Early sequence registration for Summer and Fall 2015 classes begins March 30, 2015. Summer 2015 courses begin on June 8, 2015 and Fall 2015 courses begin August 17, 2015. The class schedule is on the web for viewing.

To Register Online:

  • Log in to My Missouri State
  • Click the Academics tab
  • Under Registration Tools, select the term, then click Add or Drop Classes
  • Sign the registration agreement
  • Select your classes! (Hint: we recommend you add one class at a time, then save, then add the next class, save again and so forth)

If you need assistance view our registration demo or call 1-877-678-2005 (417-836-4126 in Springfield).

Course Enrollment Form:

  • Click here for the Course Enrollment Form

Please note: We can assist you by processing your registration using this form; however, any prerequisite overrides, permissions, or other restrictions will need to be arranged by you with the academic department (or instructor) before we will be able to register you.

Changes to Your Schedule Following Registration

Your MyMissouriState account will allow you to drop or add classes. Or if you wish, you may, once your initial registration for the semester has been processed, call us at 1-877-678-2005 (417-836-4126 in Springfield) for help with dropping or adding a class.

You may also withdraw from the entire semester’s schedule of classes; however, remember that you must do so before the end of the first week of classes – if 16-week classes – or you will be charged for the class(es). Failure to attend a class does not automatically drop you from the class.