Student Services » Academic Advisement

Adult and evening students can take advantage of advising services with or without admission to the University. Our staff will be happy to sit down and discuss your questions on how to add college classes to an already busy schedule, or a wide range of other matters related to your educational plans. Both degree-seeking evening students and nondegree-seeking (day or evening) students may make appointments with an advisor in the college to discuss their academic goals and the courses necessary to attain those goals. To make an appointment, call 417-836-6929.

Advisement Centers

Adult Student Services ● Meyer Alumni 400 ● 417-836-6929
Monday-Friday, 8AM - 5PM
Evening advisement available by appointment.  You may make an appointment with an advisor in Adult Student Services if you are a degree-seeking, non-traditional student.  If you are a nondegree-seeking student, please call 417-836-4415 for assistance.

College of Arts and Letters ● Craig Hall, RM 106 417-836-4366
Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment until 6PM
Wednesdays by appointment until 7PM

College of Education ● Hill Hall, RM 202 ● 417-836-4529
Tuesdays by appointment until 6:30PM

College of Business ● Glass Hall, RM 276 ● 417-836-5386
Tuesdays by appointment until 6PM

Department of Psychology ● Hill Hall, RM 101 ● 417-836-6841
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM
Evening advisement available by appointment.

Additional information on Missouri State University's academic departments is available on the Missouri State University website.